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Theravada Bhikkhu Pāṭimokkha. Buddhist monks Patimokkha pali chanting in the Buddhist church on Uposatha Day, recorded from Wat Khung Taphao, Uttaradit Province, Thailand. Problems playing this file? See media help. In Theravada Buddhism, the Patimokkha is the basic code of monastic discipline, consisting of. Here you will the list of the rules of conduct that all the bhikkhus are supposed to Not to recite together with laymen, texts of dhamma in Pali language. A fault committed by a bhikkhu is called an æpatti in Pali. . Note: the numbering of the patimokkha rules doesn’t correspond at all with the chronology in which.

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These are the proper occasions here. Not to leave a mattress or a chair outside without arranging it back suitably. The nissaggiya pacittiya are thirty rules entailing “confession with forfeiture.


Not to teach the dhamma to someone who is sitting with the knees raised and the arms around unless he is ill. Eat the food one after the other, without rejecting any. Yassa bhavissati, so harissati ti. Buddhist oaths Codes of conduct.

Sug, Per, Mun, Cv: Not to make or have made a “bandage robe” of more than 4. Wikipedia articles with style issues from July All articles with style issues Articles lacking in-text citations patimokhka August All articles lacking in-text citations Articles with multiple maintenance issues Articles with hAudio microformats. Not to remain near the place where a man and his companion lie when these are in the house.


Not to dig or cause someone else to dig the ground. Parisuddhetthayyayo, tasma tunhi; evam etam dharayami ti.

Patimokkha – Wikipedia

Not to spend the night far from one of his three robes. Should any bhikkhu, angered and displeased, raise his hand against another bhikkhu, it is to be confessed. Yam ima bhanissanti tarn sossami ti etadeva paccayam karitva anannam, pacittiyam.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Bhilkhu to leak one’s hand. In excess of that it is to be cut down and confessed.

Should any bhikkhu knowingly agitate for the reviving of an issue that has been rightfully dealt with, it is to be confessed. Uddittham kho ayyayo nidanam. Evanca 93 sa bhikkhuni bhikkhunihi vuccamana tatheva 86 Cv: Also below 50 CS, Cv: Not to leave a couch that has been moved in the monastery. Not to make a new carpet without adding a part of the old patimokkhz.

List of the rules of pātimokkha

Not to request and eat food if one is not ill. Imina civaracetap annena civaram cetapetva itthannamam 63 bhikkhunim civarena acchadessami ti, tatra ce sa bhikkhuni pubbe appavarita upasankamitva civare vikappam apajjeyya: Yatha kho pana paccekaputthaya 6 veyyakaranam hoti, evam eva 7 evarupaya parisaya yavatatiyam anusavitam hoti, ya pana bhikkhuni yavatatiyam anusaviyamane saramana santim apattim navikareyya sampajanamusavadassa hoti.

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Not to spend the night under the same roof as the laity.

Tunhibhavena kho panayyayo 5 parisuddha ti vedissami. Not to teach the dhamma to someone who is wearing shoes unless he is ill. Tattha sabbaheva samaggahi sammodamanahi avivadamanahi sikkhitabban ti. Cittagaravaggo pancamo [51] Ya pana bhikkhuni janam 98 pati,okkha aramam anapuccha paviseyya, pacittiyam.

Not to contest a decision taken after having given one’s agreement chanda. Should any bhikkhu, angered and displeased, evict a bhikkhu from a dwelling belonging to the Community, or have him evicted, it is to be confessed.

There being some reason or another for a bhikkhu to go to an army, he may stay two or three consecutive nights with the army. Whatever the offense he has committed, he is to be dealt with in accordance with the rule; and in addition, his deception is to be exposed: Tance bhikkhunim anna bhikkhuniyo janeyyum: If he should accept more than that, it is to be confessed.