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Bhartruhari was a poet. == from India == 5th Century A.D. == Language: Sanskrit poet. What is Niti Satakam? S`atakam is a book of verses. QUOTES FROM SUBHAASHITA TRISHATEE OF RAJA BHARTRIHARI It was he who gave us the immortal Subhashita Trishati consisting the Students of Sanskrit are sure to have read selections from Subhashita Trishati. Difficulties in conveying the quantitative nature of Sanskrit verse. 2. Investigate Hank Heifetz’s belief that Sanskrit verse is better rendered by some free verse.

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He has been entrusted the job of a potter. Aldna, ” The post to which an elephant is tied.

This earth is divided and subdivided into small splinters. Contrast with this sloka, Bhagavad. The ” door- posts blackened by the smoke of the offerings ” is referred to, Raghuv. Then I came into the presence of the wise who know many kinds of wisdom, and my pride left me even like a fever. Whinfield has executed a bhaftruhari task with considerable success, and his version contains much that will suhhashita new to those who only know Mr.

An ascetic lives on alms, remote from men, self-con- trolled, walking in the path sanskrig indifference, giving or not giving, it matters not which. Scribd posting of Subhashita by Chetan Chavhan. He is the learned man. Life is of limited duration.


Vydla may be translated either ” elephant” or ” serpent. Abstinence from destroying life, keeping one’s hands off another’s wealth, speaking the truth, seasonable liber- ality according to one’s power, not conversing with the wives of other men, checking the stream of covetousness, reverence towards spiritual fathers, compassion towards 48 VAIRAGYA SATAKA.

Birds fearlessly sit on their laps and drink the drops of tears. The Oceans which are abodes of Great Fish and Whales dry up. Desire and greed are not exhausted. Who would not subhhashita them?

A morose heart, a face exalted with inward pride, a nature difficult as an exceedingly narrow mountain- pass this is known as the character of women: Brian Hodgson’s ‘ Miscellane- ous Essays’ will be found very valuable both to the philologist and the ethnologist.

The friendships formed between good and evil men differ. Wealth – Gentle and politeness. In the following four verses, the poet castigates the Kings for their arrogance and wickedness. Even if extremely hungry, lean by old age, having dilapidated life, facing a stage of hardships and is in danger, A lion will long to split the forehead of an elephant and eat its content; Why it does it consume dry grass?

The poet wonders why mendicants spend their time at the doorsteps of misers when rivulets are full of sweet water to drink and fruits are available aplenty and painlessly and leaf beds are available to sleep.

What is the use of surviving and living till the Great Disaster and Destruction? From Shiva’s head to the Himalayas.



With this sloka may be compared Prov. Although the five or six planets, of which Vrihas- pati is the head, are held in high esteem, yet Eahu, whose power and might are great, does not attack them. The value of this work will be perceived when it is remembered that at no time since relations commenced between China and the West has the former been so powerful we had almost said aggressive as now. The man who has gained great power finds even the sovereignty of the universe tasteless.

subhaashita related Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari script

The success or failure of men is in the hands of fate. Those from whom we were born have long since departed ; they also with whom we grew up exist only in memory: I am satisfied with the divine voice which sheds forth words over my mind sweeter than honey, richer than butter. Friendship with good persons: Ascetics survive on them.

This verse has deep meaning. Company of good people. Third Edition, Two Vols. Here, the poet uses a beautiful simile and explains why ascetics leave everything and go to forests for engaging themselves sanskrih penance.