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Referenced Documents ASTM Standards: A 27/A 27M Specification for Steel Castings, Carbon, A /A M A /A M Specification for Castings. ASTM A – 4CTb Designation: A /A M – 01” An American National Standard Standard Pra. 费下载 免 w 焊接人 w Designation: A /A M – 07 Standard Practice for Steel Castings, Welding, Quali?cations of.

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Standard Practice for Steel Castings, Welding, Qualifications of Procedures and Personnel

Qualification under any F number up to and including F4 shall qual a welder for all lower F numbers. Indicate any limits on peening? A superscript epsilon e indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval. Within the text, the SI units are shown in brackets.

A Indicate the heating and cooking rates, holding temperatures and times. Also indicate whether preheat is requimd dwing metal mal. All welders and operators welding castings under this practice shall atsm the welder qualification test.

ASTM AAM 钢铸件焊接程序和人员资格的标准实施规程_百度文库

The centers of the specimens adjacent to the metal surfaces shall not exceed 5? Approved W488 1, Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard. If you feel that your comments have not received a fair hearing you should make your views known to the ASTM Committee on Standards, at the address shown below.


The dimensions of the welding groove are not essential variables of the welding procedure. B Indicate category number from Z488 1. Types of Tests 6.

The orientation of the welds with respect to the horizontal and vertical planes of reference is classified into four positions, namely, flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead. Committee A01 has identi?

A Indicate type of inspection. Performance Qualification of Welders or Operators ASTM does not give any warranty express or implied or make any representation that the contents of this abstract are accurate, complete or up to date. Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. A Indicate general material atm, such as carbon, Cr-Mo, 12 Cr, etc.

C The maximum thickness quali? When using the wrap-around jig Fig.

Each specimen shall be tested and meet the requirements of 7. C Where only a single coupon is required, the center of the specimen should be midway between aztm surfaces.


Four types of test shall be conducted asfm the qualification procedures such as tension test, bend test, Charpy impact test and radiographic test. Preparation of Test Plate 5. Guided bend test specimens are of three types depending on which surface side, face, or root is on the convex outer side of the bent specimen.

Root Bend astk Each specimen shall be tested and meet the requirements of 8. Manufacturer or Contractor Date: Was Backing Strip Used? Originally published as A 63 T. ASTM D e1. The values stated in each system are not exact equivalents; therefore, each system must be used independently of the other.