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Aresti’s fundamental insight was that almost any aerobatic figure can be broken down Pingback: Aresti Notation (aerobatic symbols) | The Aerobatic Project. EXPLANATION OF ARESTI SYMBOLS. Beginning of flight. | End of flight. Inside loop (positive G). Start of manoeuvre. Outside loop (negative G). First published in , José Luis de Aresti’s ‘Sistema Aresti’ provided Aresti Notation (aerobatic symbols), Part 1: the Standard Known.

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The quarter loops that connect the four sides have to have the same radius at each corner. These symbols are used to represent the aerobatic maneuvers, or “figures,” officially recognized by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale FAI.

The downline can be areesti to adjust the altitude symbos speed at the end of the figure. These describe straight flight in these directions.

During the vertical line up, some right aileron and right rudder is needed to maintain the vertical attitude because of the engine torque and p-factor.


He devised the system to help keep track of maneuvers in international aerobatic competition. All aerobatic figures start symbole end from horizontal lines in either upright or inverted flight. Once past the vertical, the back pressure on the elevator is slowly relaxed to float over to symbkls of the loop to keep it round.

The exit line at the bottom has to be at least as long as the other seven sides. Rudder is used to maintain a constant heading throughout figure and ailerons are used to maintain the orientation of the wings.

Aresti Notation (aerobatic symbols) | The Aerobatic Project

The exit line at the bottom has to be at least as long as the other three sides. This unique system of diagramming maneuvers for sequences is named after its inventor, Count Jose L. The elevator is then neutralized and the aileron fully deflected in the direction of the roll. This is a detailed explanation on how to properly execute a Loop to the IAC judging standard. Feel free to make up routines arseti your own.

  AFI 10-601 PDF

You pull up and at the same time bank the plane. Competition turns are not the coordinated aeesti that aretsi use in normal flying. After moving vertically down to pick up speed again, the maneuver is finished with the last quarter of a loop to horizontal flight. In competitive aerobatics each pilot must fly a series of maneuvers known as compulsory sequences.

But this broad term includes many other smaller categories of flying, including stunt flying, competitive aerobatics, and display flying. Vertical segments indicate vertical flight paths. Though the catalog had grown at one time to some 15, manoeuvers, a CIVA working group substantially streamlined it in the mids.

List of aerobatic symols. The maneuver starts with a pull-up of about 3 to 4 G. Moving on to advanced routines, we pull out all the stops.

These descriptions are NOT intended as instruction. The aileron is fully deflected in the direction of the roll. For the purposes of this book, competitive aerobatic flying and display flying are gathered into one discussion.

The angle of bank stays constant during the first 90 degrees of turn, while the pitch angle increases steadily. Here you will find a larger number of maneuvers, fractions of loops and rolls, and a great deal of outside flying.

Slow rolls are flown normally on a straight line one exception is rolls flown at the top of a loop. Five-eighths of a loop complete the figure to horizontal flight. The airplane must then tip over and fall through a vertical down position.


Make sure you are not too fast going into the maneuver, otherwise you may exceed redline speed. This is another one of the maneuvers that reverse direction. Putting together several maneuvers is called sequence flying. Basic Sequence 1 is a descending sequence, so start at a great altitude.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This is areshi detailed explanation of the Immelman to competition judging standards. Aileron rolls are flown with the rudder and elevator in the neutral position during the roll.

The catalog broadly classifies manoeuvers into numbered families.

In both cases rudder is then used to start autorotation just like in a spin. The two vertical lines and the horizontal line on top have to be of the same length. The eight loops that connect the eight aersti have to have the same radius at each corner. Bob Ostrander and Norval G. The first, called the “known,” is a combination of maneuvers chosen at the start of each year and thereafter flown by every pilot at every contest.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The aerobatics version of the Lazy Eight is two wingovers back to back. As you move up in difficulty level, more maneuvers are included. There are some figures where this does not apply completely.

Experiment with wild maneuvers and combinations.