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ANGELICA ZAMBRANO 2nd TESTIMONY OF HEAVEN & HELL On her second experience, Angelica Zambrano from Equador was shown by the Lord, the Lambs book English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsch. Topics 23 hours dead, Angelica Zambrano, christ, vision, end of days, hell, heaven, doomsday, cross, damnation, For written testimony or transcript of video and other translations It was transcribed into English from Video. Now Angelica Zambrano makes her grandiose entrance into the what we say with many testimonies and references from the Holy Scriptures.

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Jesus Christ died zambrwno the cross for each one of us, for our sins, and He gave us the opportunity of salvation by His mercy. As we left that place and Ehglish told me, ” I want to show you something else I felt a pain in my abdomen and in my heart. I renounce all things that have hindered Your flow, and I ask You to transform me and to fill me with Angelkca presence every day. Jesus pointed to her with his hand and told me, ” Daughter, that woman that you see over there, surrounded by flames, is Selena.

Will it be the Body parts or the Head? And we will rightly divide the Word for you, unlike these whom we address who also use the Scriptures, but foolishly, in ignorance and deceitfulness. And also, behold, he comes forth to meet you. He is not a simpleton, thrice repeating words with emotion, sorrow, and desperation.

At this time, we were able to touch her. He did not want to follow the way of the Lord.

Angelica Zambrano 1st Testimony of Heaven and Hell

Either you do what is englisg or you do what is wrong. Her descriptions are carnally conceived. He also had a big metallic plate that was encrusted into his skin. For today is the day that the Lord will take you, at 4 PM. Go tell them that I love them and tell them that Mary has no knowledge of anything [happening on Earth] and the only One that they must exalt is Me, because neither Mary, nor St.


False Teacher – Angelica Zambrano: An Alleged Visit to Heaven and Hell – The Path of Truth

Jesus said, ” Demons also hold meetings in this place. He told me, “Daughter, because the Crown of Life has angelifa be full of pearls.

Father, I ask for Your forgiveness. We love you all Amen. He extended His hand to me.

But, let me tell you that the Lord wants to give you the best. Listen to me, the devil is going to repay you badly and he will give you eternal death.

Why must she say her testimony is not a lie, joke, story, or dream, unless it is those things? I tell you that He hurts, I know it, but He hurts not because of His coming, or because of a coming sparse rapture, or because of a horrid eternal torment consuming billions, or because one day there will be no turning back forever and ever of billions of souls from an unimaginably terrible Hell.

They would slide backward and not move forward, while they shout; enjoying the anguish they impose upon the people. Those Demons are currently being tormented and eglish Bible talks about anvelica. We will see more proof of these things. You choose your destiny: I cannot find words to tell you how real it is. Father, I ask for Your forgiveness.


The noise that the demons were making was more like a celebration, as they seemed happy and carefree; they were also dancing and jumping all the time. She was saying, ” Pray.

Need to give your life to Jesus? I am right here cutting your hair. Then we started to descend into the abyss!

Why and for how long would Jesus cry for those damned for all eternity? O n the screen I saw people running around. Millions have died without knowing the Lord. It was the Lord. The Lord told me there were many famous people in Hell, and also many people who had known about the Lord.

I saw this woman being tormented, she had worms that would eat her face off, and demons would plunge a type of spear into her body. My people no longer do as they did before. Those steps that he performed, that’s the way I saw demons walk while tormenting people in hell.

Once again, he put his hand over the Book of Life and said to me, “Go and tell mankind that if their name is not written in this Book, they cannot enter the Kingdom of My Heavenly Father, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The time is soon, God allows signs to reveal to humanity what is about to happen. He has dealt with satan and sin on the cross, paying the price that we may be set free.

After that, when they tried to touch me, they no longer could.