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Star*Drive was a campaign setting put out for Alternity, TSR’s ambitious but clumsy science-fiction RPG. Much in the way that Greyhawk is considered the. “The STAR*DRIVE campaign setting, designed for use with the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game, brings to life the world of the future. Humanity has. I used Black Starfall and Red Starrise as introductory adventures to Alternity/Star* Drive, in general. But, because of the timeline difference.

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Star Drive

This comprehensive guide to characters with fantastic abilities is guaranteed to change the way you play the game. What they find waiting for them will forever change the human concept of the universe and humanity’s place in the grand scheme of things. In addition there is a thirteenth nation called the Galactic Concord, created by the Treaty of Concord.

And the only thing standing between them and the safety of billions of unsuspecting people is you – and your bag of guns and gear. At the beginning of the 26th century, Humanity’s political and social structure is divided into Stellar Nations once countriesrich corporations or federations, most trying to collect their former colonies.

A Guide to Psionics “Mindwalking is more than it used to be. The possibilities are here. The more prominent planet descriptions give a broad overview of the world, the government, and sites of interest. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Archived from the original on Discovering how, and why, is what The Killing Jar is all about. The war continued for over years, leaving worlds devastated and nations and alliances in difficult financial straits.


Now it offers a whole new range of possibilities: Open up the throttle and take the future by storm! Outbound – An Explorer’s Guidebook “The Verge, that vast frontier beyond the Kendai Relay and the civilized stellar nations of Old Space, has secrets still undiscovered, star systems still unexplored.

Dominated by the beautiful water world of Bluefall, Aegis is a place where the great powers of human space marshal their forces against myriad threats. They’ve been blown into alternate dimensions, victims of the very tecnhology they sought to destroy.

Yet amid thes bewildering oppurtunities, even the bravest need a place to call home. This book presents a game universe for heroes to conquer, investigate, and explore.

But where are the terrorists? Lying disabled and unnoticed in an insignificant star system, the Warhulk designated Ares 22 was stranded.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

The excitement and danger comes from figuring out which is which – before the aliens figure out the truth about you. But what if we don’t like the answer?

When the Treaty of Concord brought an end to the war inStarMech recalled and deactivated its Warhulks Inside this box, you’ll find everything you need to start playing now. The Regency government maintains Bluefall’s independence against a storm of challenges. It is divided into chapters covering the history of alterniyy setting; a drivve of the conditions, economy, and technology of the 26th century; descriptions of the various stellar nations within a range of over 1, light years ; a more detailed look at a mysterious distant region known as the Verge, and finally game-specific details covering the player species, careers, employment, skills, equipment, and special game options available for players.


In these pages you’ll meet: System Guide to Aegis “The Verge is a dangerous place. Strap on your sword and ready your blaster alternnity it’s time to brave the wild frontiers!

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

But at the heart of all this chaos is a troubled sanctuary: A second, even nastier war began insparked by a rebellion of mutants. Some of these aliens are viscious killers.

The heroes must disable the ship, or somehow dissuade altenity from carrying out its deadly mission and wiping out millions of innocent people. Your group of heroes is all that stands between terrorists, the spread of a deadly computer supervirus, and the collapse of the fragile galactic peace concords. And you can live to tell about it.

You can land on hundreds of planets that are nothing more than frozen, airless rocks. Characters are typically employed and have an allegiance to a company or government.

Talk to a digital intelligence? In these pages you’ll find details on the station, her occupants, and a description of life and adventure aboard the Lighthouse: It also includes a page booklet of record-keeping aids: Choose from different ones, including many old favorites updated for the new edition.

Rhodium Run introduces heroes to life and trade on Lison. Infinite parallel universes coexist with ours, each with qualities both familiar and foreign, and alternative versions of history play out in endless variety “alongside” out own world.