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The Home Learning Solution for the New School Year

Call it homeschooling, virtual school, hybrid schooling, home learning or whatever you like, but students say school isn’t the same this year. No matter what your community has established for its new school routine, it has an impact on students’ education.

Social interaction is a very important part of learning, and parents are discovering creative ways to keep their children engaged with their friends and family. Physical activity, also important to the learning process, keeps the body and brain working together and helps increase children’s moods and attitudes. Unfortunately, parents don’t always have the time to make this a part of their daily routine.

A lot of parents and students can benefit from having a plan laid out for their student’s daily schooling. That’s why SOI developed the Home Learning program, which is made up of both educational and physical activities.

Our Home Learning program, designed for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students, provides abilities training in comprehension, memory, evaluation, and problem solving to keep students progressing through this uncertain educational time.

“I am very happy with the [Home Learning] program and plan to continue using it to develop the skills necessary to achieve our ultimate goal of reading and writing. I would highly recommend this program to anyone whose child is struggling in these areas.” 

Students in SOI Home Learning are taught content in three different modes:

BODY MOVEMENT: These physical exercises ensure that the student’s body is connected to learning. The body, brain, eyes, & ears must all work together for students to properly engage in their learning environment.

WORKBOOK: Students’ workbook lessons provide the fundamental, cognitive learning abilities that are required in organizing and processing the information that students see & hear. These abilities are critical to all learning processes.

COMPUTER: The computer lessons provide the content that is typically regarded as the curriculum, such as reading, math, memory, problem-solving, and judgment. Each element is taught as a single lesson, which provides the student with the foundations of educational concepts.

“I do feel like this gives [Ryan] confidence to complete this work without the constant supervision which was so necessary with online schooling. These exercises cause him to utilize different thinking skills to compare and match various items on the page which are the building blocks for future lessons.”

One of the major benefits of Home Learning is that it teaches in all three learning styles: Figural, Symbolic, and SeMantic. School settings aren’t able to offer different learning styles of teaching. Therefore, students who learn differently than the way instruction is presented may have difficulty learning. That’s why we designed Home Learning to be well-rounded for any type of learner.

Prior to beginning Home Learning, parents will be connected with one of our Home Learning providers to ensure they have the support needed to implement the program. Students advance at their own pace, ensuring mastery of every concept. Students are not subject to advancement in a group situation, so parents can be assured their child truly knows and understands the concept being taught. If a student gets stuck and needs help, the provider consults with the parent to generate a solution.

If you know of a student confined to learning at home, a frustrated parent who needs an organized learning plan, or someone who wants to give their child the cutting edge in their learning abilities, reach out to us about Home Learning. It can help keep the peace, hope, and joy in learning alive.

“SOI for Gabe and our family wasn’t a standard part of his curriculum. We integrated the whole program to be part of our daily classwork. I don’t know if he would be doing as well if we hadn’t done the program. It has changed our whole lives, not only in his schoolwork.

“SOI took Gabe’s understanding back to the basics. It is not a math, reading, or spelling lesson.  The program teaches the why and how, breaking down every detail. Gabe could add, subtract, read and write, but after SOI I knew he understood far beyond the information he was taught. SOI didn’t just teach him that 2+2=4 but what each element of the equation was. When learning new words, I didn’t wonder anymore if he knew them, I knew he could read, remember, and use them himself.  

“Before we started SOI, the school day was tough and I didn’t know if he understood the concepts I was teaching. Now, not only do I know he understands the concepts, but he asks questions and digs deeper into the world around him. SOI gave him confidence in trying and succeeding in new things. The tough school days became less and less until it’s hard for me to remember the struggles we had before.”  

To learn more about Home Learning, please contact us.

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