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SOI Regional Training Registration is OPEN!


After talking with many of you and getting your feedback, we’re excited to announce our travel dates for next year! Jody and Lauren will be traveling to the locations above to offer SOI-IPP training and to host an SOI conference. We hope to see a lot of you there!

Please note that in order to make these trainings a possibility, we’ll need at least 5 attendees at each location.

If you would like to attend, please register as soon as possible! Select your location below:





Available to SOI practitioners of all training levels. We’ll share new products, tips on SOI profile interpretation, have question and answer sessions, and more.

This conference is also open to anyone interested in learning more about SOI.

$150 per person  |  certificate of hours upon completion


Complete your SOI-IPP certification in just two days! Learn how to administer IPP assessments, input data into the management software, and conduct the IPP exercises.

In order to complete the training in 2 days, we have designed a brief “prep” course for attendees to complete before the training. It is designed to familiarize you with the specifics of IPP.

$400 per person  |  available to those already trained in SOI


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