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2017 – 2018 Certified Learning Report


Individual Instruction — personified by the image of a tutor working one-on-one with a student — is the gold standard in education. Tutoring is superior instruction because it allows students to work at their own pace while the tutor is constantly monitoring progress and is available whenever a student needs help or guidance.

This type of teaching is especially important in the formative years (kindergarten to grade three) when children first encounter the world of formal education, and are most susceptible to learning difficulties. Early failures, if unobserved or otherwise unaddressed, become fissures in the students’ foundations for learning. They are very difficult to repair and almost always compromise further educational development.

Unfortunately, individual instruction is not the norm in public schooling because the authorities do not believe that one teacher — or even a teacher and an aide — can be personal tutor(s) to a classroom of 20-plus pupils. As a consequence, the most effective instructional system has been eschewed as practically impossible.

SOI Certified Learning, contrary to this conventional wisdom, can provide individual instruction on a classroom scale, well within the limits of current fiscal expenditure.

2017 – 2018 RESULTS

The students enrolled in Certified Learning in 2017-2018 were representative of the general school population — students on free lunch, and students who have special needs, among others — drawn from populations representing the full range of economic circumstances.

Certified Learning demands learning mastery, so our primary measure of success is how often the students achieved mastery. Our record for the current year is 98%.

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1 thought on “2017 – 2018 Certified Learning Report”

  1. Fabulous results. I don’t know why the whole world isn’t on board with Certified Learning! It’s brilliant.

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