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Seven Key Questions You Should Be Asking in Your Classroom

What makes a successful classroom? Or, more importantly, what makes successful students?

Is it a good teacher? The most organized classroom? The most exciting lessons?

While all of these things are important, we believe that the key to success is this: the student.

  1. Is this student ready to learn?
  2. How does the student learn best?
  3. What areas does the student struggle in?
  4. How quickly is the student progressing through the lessons?
  5. Does the student have any learning gaps?
  6. What can we do to help the student learn best?
  7. Why is this student falling behind?

Do these things sound important to you? We promise you that they’re important to us!

That’s why we developed the Certified Learning program for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade. This managed program allows students to work at their own paces. It teaches essential, primary learning abilities and skills through workbook, computer, and physical exercises.

I could write pages about all of the benefits of this program and why it should be a part of your classroom. But instead, I’d like to share a note written from one of our Certified Learning teachers to the program consultant:


It is so nice to hear from you! You are so supportive and it helps to know how much you care. I am so grateful that I have Certified Learning for my classroom. If something comes up (assembly, science fair, etc.) where it takes away our Certified time, my class is not the same. They need that structured, self-paced curriculum.

In fact, my kids get sad if we cannot get to it! They moan and say “I want to do it! I love doing workbook, or computer, group, etc.”, or “But I’m so close to mastering!” If my aide is ever out, I quickly found out I still need to do it and have the workbook sessions be journals otherwise my students’ schedule get out of whack.

My little friend in my class with eye tracking problems has improved greatly with his work. He can now spell and sound out CVC words, where as before he could not. During Certified Learning he is in more control of his body than any other time of day. He really needs this program. My class needs this program and they will need it for 2nd grade as well.

Find out more about Certified Learning by watching the video below or visiting our website.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us!

1 thought on “Seven Key Questions You Should Be Asking in Your Classroom”

  1. Thank you for writing this…much needs to be done so that teachers can design curriculum that works for the student’s strengths (such as symbolic projects in this case) and require the students to hand in project-based units to show what they’ve assimilated and learned.

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