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Our First Q & A Blog Post

We are excited to be starting a new series of question and answer blog posts featuring those who use SOI from around the world! Continue to follow the blog to hear from more SOI teachers, practitioners, and specialists!

Basic Information

Name: Anupma Sethi

Center: EmpowerKidz Learning Center

Title: Founder & Executive Director

Location: Noida, National Capital Region New Delhi, India

Number of years using SOI: 5

Why did you decide to start using SOI?

I decided to use SOI programs to assess, analyze, and try to get answers as to why the students struggle so we can try to build the foundational skills essential for academic and school learning.

Which SOI product or program do you use the most? Why?

I use personalized learning workbooks, computer modules, ALA and PLA assessments, and the Certified Learning program in our practice. Since we are working in an after school program and students in mixed age groups are coming to us, we use the personal workbooks and computer modules. We also get young students with whom we cannot do any kind of formal assessments, so we use the Certified Learning program.

At our center we also have a complete IPP lab where students are doing exercises along with workbooks and computer modules. We do group exercises, Mini IPP, and personalized IPP programs.

Tell us a little bit about how you incorporate SOI into your clinic.

Typically, students are coming to us for one-on-one sessions in the after school environment at our clinic. Once we do our initial assessment using the ALA/PLA, we start personalized workbook along with computer modules. If needed, we will do an IPP assessment, and start the IPP program also. Students come to us at least three times in a week for a one-hour session. As we start the SOI programs, we do educational assessments to find out their reading, spelling, and comprehension levels to begin our educational programs with the students. The goal is to bridge the gap between their present level of functioning and where they should be according to their age and grade.

We might have to use some informal or formal assessment depending on the need and requirements at the school. The students will start to work with us on SOI systems program. Gradually we will introduce educational intervention using multi-sensory teaching programs to make it comprehensive. We are trying to make a combination of SOI systems program and educational intervention to make it a complete package for students. It makes more sense to us as they are building the foundational skills to respond better to the educational interventions using multi-sensory skills.

What is the biggest difference you have seen in your clients/students using SOI?

A big change in most of our clients in terms of being more focused, attentive, and responsible for their work along with building their memory skills, comprehension skills, getting better at reading, spelling, and mastering math facts. These are just a few examples. Parents and school teachers do tell us in the initial months that the student is being more attentive in the class, he is listening to the instructions, is asking questions and bringing back the home work with errors, but at least the effort is there. This shows significant, measurable changes in the students which will be long lasting as students are becoming capable of handling their school work independently.

Describe your greatest success with SOI.

My greatest success with SOI Systems has been with two young boys from 1st grade with whom I have worked for almost a year now. Both the boys came to our center with very low self-esteem, and a lot of struggles in school in terms of low scores on tests, as well as low reading and spelling skills. We started with the Certified Learning program for first grade with these boys, and after spending 10 months with us and lot of support from their parents, these two boys have improved so much! They are out of their shells and are even wanting to read the books on their own. We lend them books from our own library and come up with the questions. The boys are still continuing with us and after the summer, we will be starting Certified learning for second grade.

How would you describe SOI to someone who has never heard about it?

In one sentence: It is a life-changing foundation and essential skills building program to do well in school and life in the long run.

Do you have any additional comments?

I feel professionally complete to use SOI program along with my educational intervention program to see long-lasting, permanent, positive changes and significant improvement in our students!

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