Time is Running Out

Tick tock. Tick tock. Time is running out!

It was one of those nights when sleep eluded me. Wrapping up in my favorite afghan, I headed for the couch in the den to listen to the silence, hoping it would make my mind shut down and bring sleep.

Instead, I heard the tick-tock of the clock and began to think about the seconds passing by, the minutes, the hours, days and then years. But it wasn’t the shortness of time that kept coming to my mind; it was the task that I needed to do at work the next day.

You see, I was having conversations in my head with the principals and reading instructors at our local schools. SOI had sent out a letter to each school offering our support after reviewing the state reading scores. The schools’ test results were poor in many cases, and we knew that those students need help. They don’t need another reading program where “words per minute” is the focus. They need the SOI Basic Reader curriculum.

I’m not a teacher or a reading specialist. I don’t have a degree to be a principal at a school. I don’t even have any children in school (mine are both adults). So why in the world would anyone listen to what I have to offer? Try chasing those thoughts through the darkness of night. No wonder I couldn’t sleep!

But what I do know is this: SOI training works. It brings results, builds up a child’s confidence, and gives the child the opportunities to discover the way he or she learns best. It sounds so simple in my mind, but it is so difficult to relay it to school administrators.

What does the SOI Basic Reader offer? A simple vision assessment and learning style test. The program puts the student on a Figural, Symbolic, or Semantic (the test determines the student’s primary learning style) track that offers them the quickest results for reading success.

Teachers want that. Principals want that. And so does SOI.

Now it’s time to face the gatekeepers to help unlock the reading possibilities for the children of my community, no matter how long it takes!

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Visit our website or give us a call if you would like more information on Basic Reader.

written by: Jody Brooks, SOI Systems general manager

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