Cognition Training I

Cognition is a psychological term for comprehension. It is more than perception; it is the immediate discovery, awareness, rediscovery, or recognition of information in various forms for comprehension or understanding.

Cognition is often the primary process for learning, so it is important to have this ability well-trained and ready to use!

Exercise – Cognition of Semantic Classes

Objective: To develop the ability to recognize common properties of words, ideas, and objects.

Directions: This task introduces matrix concepts.

  1. Students are to place any four-letter word across the top of the box, one letter in each square.
  2. Place four categories down the side, one in each square. Example: food, cities, animals, games, actors, colors, musicians, etc.
  3. Students fill in the rest of the boxes.

Try doing the same exercise with different words, letters, or number of rows and columns. Make the exercise easier or difficult for your student(s).

Have fun!

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