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The Importance of Memory in Learning

The Structure of Intellect assesses many different learning abilities. A review of those abilities has been shared in the earlier posting on this blog. Because of the work I do in all levels of education (K – college), I am often asked what shows up as the lowest overall ability. Hands down, the answer is memory – visual and auditory memory. If we think of memory as “the developed art of paying attention,” then we begin to understand why this is a growing concern in education, especially in elementary school. We have much to distract us within this technology-driven society!

Comprehension is diminished by lower memory ability. Problem-solving becomes frustrating when memory ability fails to recall correct information. Teachers and parents can easily become frustrated with having to regularly repeat information. Test-taking scores are lower even though classroom performance may be solid. It feels like showing up at a birthday party but you forgot the present. The intent was there, but the follow-through failed.

Dr. Mary Meeker always shared the following, “Memory is one of the easiest abilities to train.” In my 27 years of experience with SOI, I would agree. A new confidence is developed within the learner and evidence of stronger memory ability is recognized by others and within the learning process. If I could change one thing in education today, it would be daily memory training every day for 15 minutes in every grade level.

Please do not hesitate to inquire about how SOI develops memory ability through a wide range of products. In addition, help support your learner by finding quiet time to focus on games and activities that develop memory skill. The earlier the better!

If you are interested in taking an SOI test to receive a full profile of your (or your child’s) learning abilities, including memory, click here!

written by: Diane Hochstein, President of SOI Service Company

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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Memory in Learning”

  1. This is a great article! As a college student going to school to become a teacher, I agree with this blog. I know that personally for me, I have test anxiety and my ability to memorize is awful. I feel if my teachers in the past has taken the time to work with us on memory training, I would have and I would now do better on tests and would have more confidence in my test taking abilities! It was not until a couple years ago that I was started on being trained on the bridges program and as I continued to gain information and learn how to implement it with the kids at the after school program I was working at did I realize that I love the program! I continued to be trained and learn. I continue to do research on SOI, IPP, Bridges. I want to use these programs in my future classroom.

    1. hi
      it’s look my case short memories because of my anxiete and some issues home please share with me the program

      1. hi
        please help me with your program i think i find my luck to read about soisystems

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